Autumn reflections

Autumn reflections

In this reflection I’d like to share some inspiration from the past few months and I will also highlight some events that happened. For me it has been a period of orientating, building, decision making, changing perspectives. Now it’s time to continue in a more focused direction. 


With the bands I’m playing with we are in the starting phase of our process, which means for me mainly that I’m studying on a lot of new repertoire. It’s very nice to dive further into the Scottish-Gaelic songs and Irish and Scottish tunes with òran. Also I’m very happy to play with Luna Sonriente and explore different music from South America and Cabo Verde. Also behind the scenes another band is forming, soon to be announced officially.

Next to the bands I have been doing some solo performances and workshops and started as director of the ATK (a choir in The Hague).  

Pastiche is also breathing again. After a very long quiet period we changed our main goal and our team and soon we will start organizing events where interaction and connection through music and other art forms are central. To be continued!

Rebetika on Spotify
The album we recorded with the Rebetika project-ensemble of Pastiche is on Spotify!


I am touched by the musicians that I heard in concert these months. Especially the band Baile, which was in Amsterdam in September, played marvelous. I’m very grateful to have heard them play, play together. And a special thanks to Callum, who opened a new world for me regarding the bodhran playing. Also another friend from Scotland, Robbie, has been so helpful to work together with me on the pronunciation of the Scottish-Gaelic. Thanks Robbie! I have no words for the effect it had to hear the voice of Magda again in a concert with LuzAzul. Marijn, because she is in Greece now and doing really important work there. 

A lot of beautiful meetings at the dance floor, movement and music that are becoming more in alignment within me. Spending time in nature at the sea and dunes in The Hague, Zeeland and the wonderful Ottermeerhoeve. Though I’ve just started to conduct the ATK, I’m learning a lot from the members of the choir. And of course the musicians that share the projects I’m doing are an inspiration. In the near future I hope to combine dance and music making. Now the community music at the AZC Rijswijk, in collaboration with Nikos from the Vrolijkheid, is also starting. 

Thinking a lot about what is going on in the world, refugees and the climate, I appreciate real contact with people and nature even more. Human beings have such a potential of transformation and this is the moment that we need transformation to solve the problems that we created. For me, music, dance and life are intertwined. And they are a key to this transformation.

Past events:


25th– Fete de la Nature. Interactive soloconcert at the Kloostertuin The Hague.


30th– Iraqian women society The Hague. Concert with Sattar Al Saadi en Mohammed Albak


20thRegentenkamer Den Haag. Irish and Scottish tunes and songs with òran.


15thMonumentendag. Soloconcert at Landgoed Ockenburgh.

15thBirthday party. Music from South America and Cabo Verde with Luna Sonriente. 

20thBlaadjes en Bonen. Music from South America and Cabo Verde with Luna Sonriente.

24thCelebration of nature. Soloconcert at the Kloosterkerk The Hague. 

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