Imbolc, the first light

After the Midwinter celebration I wrote my last blog, so it seemed fitting to me publish a new blog a couple of weeks after the last concert I organized around another Celtic celebration. As you can see, if you have visited my website before, it has a fresh look. The new direction I took is the cause for this change. The activities and reflecting of the past period (season bound concerts I organized, workshops, teaching, philosophizing, dancing, being in nature and with friends) resulted in the directing and expanding of my personal project. As I have been writing before, but have clearer ideas on now, I want to use my music to share stories about nature and people. Also I want to use other mediums next to music and learn more about them. My two leading themes are the big crisis of this time: the climate and refugees. My biggest inspiration is nature, music, movement, old and new wisdoms, conversations. I’ve just started podcasting and creating an online platform to share inspiration. It feels perfect to be celebrating the changing of the seasons and to mark the important moments of transformation with a concert. Besides working on different ways to organize these concerts I’m also working on a performance where the story I want to share about the climate and refugees is the main theme. 

It’s exciting to have been started walking the road for which I had been packing my bag for some time before already. And I’m curious what will develop the coming period. What is quite an interesting way to work for me, is that I have only a starting points and some ideas for this project, but that I have no fixed route in mind. I want to experiment with the project leading a life of it’s own and forming itself. For now, I use my own name for the project as a whole. The other names I use are the Puma Podcast, for the podcast on Soundcloud and CantandoLunAzul for the Instagram account. If you feel curious, you can listen to the Puma Podcast and follow my Instagram. 

About the past months:
In short this was a period of manifesting some new projects and also taking my time to rest. The projects where a short workshop series around Sephardic music, a concert and the starting of an online platform which includes a podcast. I had the idea for the online platform for a little while now and I’m happy to have been started. 

To take the time my body was asking for to relax felt unnatural and a thought that I’ve had a lot of times is that now I’m finally ‘free’ from school and studies and have the possibility to take time for myself it actually takes some courage to do this. Since there is always the constant pressure from society to be active, to work and to show a best version of yourself. For me it’s very important that people have the possibility to go outside without putting a mask on, that they can go to wherever they need to be as who they are. Then I realized I was actually putting a mask on myself sometimes, especially while performing and working with groups. So now I’m working on doing this really as how I am, also if happiness and joy I always feel deep down is not the only and not the ruling emotion. 

In January the project around Sephardic songs called ‘Ladino’ inspired me a lot. At the 2nd of February, we celebrated the start of the spring, a celebration that is called Imbolc in the Celtic wheel of the year. In the cozy restaurant ‘Love & Peas’ in The Hague vocal group Husseyn sang a couple of Ladino songs we had been working on. Dagmar and I brought a mix of stories and music around the first signs of the spring. I loved her stories and it was a surprise for us both how it would work out since we couldn’t rehearse due to Dagmars stay in Germany. The project of vocal group Husseyn was such a nice experience and I feel super grateful to have had the possibility to work with all the wonderful and enthusiastic singers that were involved in the project. Voices are so powerful and it is very inspiring to hear people coming much closer to their own sound and to find their balance as a vocal group in such a short time (we had only three workshop days). No photos of the concert in ‘Love & Peas’ unfortunately… (but it did happen:)!)

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