It is my mission is to connect you with your inner nature.

To inspire you to live from your heart and to be present in every moment. The main tool I use is music. Trough singing and playing the Celtic harp and guitar I share different music from around the world and my own songs. The songs carry different stories and have something to tell you. Something you may recognise immediately, or something lost and hidden, that wants to be rediscovered.

Trough vocal coaching individually and in groups I guide people to connect with their voices. Singing is about listening to what is living inside of us, to that what is around us and expressing what wants to be told. To connect with your voice is to connect with your inner world and to connect with your body, since this is the vessel for the sound. It is about allowing the sound to resonate within our whole being and to be supported physically, especially trough our breath. My approach to singing is a journey to develop your self-knowledge.

We are living in a time in which we can use self-knowledge more than ever. We are nature in essence, by learning how to listen to ourselves we are also listening to our surroundings. We can feel the unification and we can integrate the fact that there is no separation. We can become whole.

Music is everything and everything is music…

Look, and it can't be seen.
Listen, and it can't be heard.
Reach, and it can't be grasped.

Approach it and there is no beginning;
follow it and there is no end.
You can't know it, but you can be it,
at ease in your life.
Just realise where you come from:
this is the essence of wisdom.

                 -LAU TZU

My story

I have always been somebody who enjoys connecting different worlds, going into detail in order to discover similarities and patterns. What seem to be separations or differences are in fact connections. In something new or opposite we always find something known, expressed in other ways.
What attracts me about traveling is the opportunity to see different perspectives that allow me to view the world in a new way, from a broadened perspective. Diving into different styles of music is a way of travelling for me.

During my teens, I have experienced a strong feeling of being imprisoned. Until I realised that I am free. This allowed me to make an active choice for what I was doing and brought a lot of joy and juiciness into my life. This doen’t mean that all my experiences have been easy from then on, but it created a lot of space for me to feel curious about the world around me and to follow this curiosity.

I have been initiating and guiding different projects since I was twelve. This developed from bringing out a two monthly magazine about animal welfare and supporting animal welfare organisations, to writing and directing small pieces of theatre, choreographing dance performances, to starting to play the Celtic harp, singing in different bands and starting a fund, ‘Pastiche’ that had the main focus to connect different people through different styles of music.

Come, come boatman! Slowly, slowly
By the seashore of Istanbul, in silence
Into the sadness of the harem
Come, come boatman!

-Rebetika, Kaïxis


Gwendolynn is a singer, instrumentalist, music teacher and holistic coach for vocalists & instrumentalists. Through her projects as a performing artist and through her coaching and teaching it is her mission to connect people to their inner nature. Through her music she shares stories of different musical traditions that hold the power to let people remember their inner wisdom. Gwendolynn has been teaching in private practice since 2013 and started performing with different bands and ensembles around the same time. She has experience working in schools and with teaching community music since 2015.

Gwendolynn graduated from the conservatory of Amsterdam as a music teacher in 2019, her graduating project being teaching unaccompanied minors in refugee camp Moria (Lesvos, Greece). This experience brought her onto the path of diving fully into the exploration of the healing power of music.

During her studies she started a fund, Pastiche. With this fund she organised different projects, from ensembles that performed in specific musical styles, to researching musical styles and documenting them. Trough a project of this fund she taught music in refugee camp Moria for the first time. The last project of Pastiche was recording the album ‘Pastiche exploring Rebetika’.

During her studies Gwendolynn worked with several teachers, both vocally and instrumentally, she followed singing classes from Mireille Bittar, Magda Mendes, Erminia Fernández Córdoba and Zuhal Gezik. She also attended the minors mbira with Debby Korfmacher, gamelan with Michiel Niemandsverdriet and saz with Zuhal Gezik.

She has done a lot of research into playing music from different cultures, experiencing different cultures, traditions, stories and wisdom. After following a course in Sjamanism with Jos Kester she lived in Bali for a period of six months, where she got educated by the nature of the island and different people she met. This deepened her experience, intuition and knowledge on the healing power of sound. She started practicing Yoga Nada, which is the yoga of sound. Next to this she did projects with several artists and taught singing & creative courses both individually and for groups.

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