Bali prologue

After six months in Bali I’m back now in the Netherlands, with so much inspiration. I am back to reconnect with my roots, to the land and with the people. From my feeling leaving Bali is definitely not for ever. But all I really know is that there is some inspiration and music I broughtContinue reading “Bali prologue”

Bali – Ubud medicine

Dear all, After arriving here safely in Bali I’d love to share some of my experiences, thoughts, first impressions of these past few days. On the one hand there is the indescribable beauty and dream-like experiences in this city on an island that is a totally new world for me. On the other hand, thereContinue reading “Bali – Ubud medicine”

Imbolc, the first light

After the Midwinter celebration I wrote my last blog, so it seemed fitting to me publish a new blog a couple of weeks after the last concert I organized around another Celtic celebration. As you can see, if you have visited my website before, it has a fresh look. The new direction I took isContinue reading “Imbolc, the first light”

Yule diary

Yule diary (Dutch below) Letting go has been clearly my theme these past few months. The time had come to create space and for this reason I decided to quit a lot of the projects I was doing. It was a period of making decisions and closing things. There are several bands, teaching/community-projects, including Pastiche,Continue reading “Yule diary”


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When the waves of the ocean
Gently cover the sand
They carry the songs
of the seagulls
Whisper to the stars
Speak to the new shore
Wherever our compass leads
We will be carried by the land


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