Would you like to be taken on a musical journey, listening to songs and their stories from all over the world? Next to concerts I offer unique experiences in which music is combined with ritual, sharing of cacao, singing together, meeting each other. I am so passionate about these events and would love to meet you during one of them!

At the moment I organise events for the Full Moon and the New Moon, on this page I explain more about them. In case you would like to receive my calendar, please sign up for my newsletter by sending an email to


Within these circles I invite women to share their voices in celebration of the full moon.  

 Our expression and voices have been suppressed for ages and for many women it is still their reality to have no freedom of expression. These gatherings are here to strengthen the connection to our voices, to enable us to embody and express our magic even more. So that everyone of us can deepen their way of listening, speaking and singing from their heart and we can create more healing for the world. 

In honour of mother earth, the waters and of all the women that still experience suppression this day, we will send our healing intention to them through our voices.  

Global program: 
You will be welcomed by my voice, smudge, and a card. We will have a sharing circle, in which we listen and speak from our heart. Some of the elements incorporated within the Flowering Voice circle are meditation, sound healing & touch, movement & dance, vocal exploration, singing songs and vocal improvisation. We end our circle by sending out vocal prayers to the world. 

New Moon Cacao concert

Within these concerts music is combined with drinking pure, raw cacao in a ceremonial way.
I’ll share songs from around the world, mostly together with other musicians. The cacao will gently open your heart and allow you to experience the journey of the music on a deeper level. Often the songs will have a specific theme, that connects all of us.  

Cacao is a plant that has many health benefits: it’s a great source of antioxidants, the highest plant-based source of iron, full of magnesium which benefits the heart and brain, contains more magnesium than cow milk and last but not least is full of bliss chemicals (serotonin, tryptophan, tyrosine and phenylethylamine) that make cacao a natural mood elevator. It has the power to create a natural high. Cacao is a true heart opener and it’s a beautiful experience to share a listening experience from this open state. 

As a girl I have always been in love with chocolate, the darker, the better. And the story ‘Chocolat’ made me feel very tempted to become a chocolatier. When I first heard about cacao-ceremonies I was a little bit skeptical, to be fair. But since I loved chocolate so much, I didn’t see any harm in giving it a try. My personal growth is so much influenced by cacao. I gained many insights, sometimes visions and, most all, it created so much joy and a connection to my heart that is deeper than ever.

Gwendolynn means full moon. Within the ceremony we will drink cacao in a ceremonial way: we share intentions, meditate together, I will say something about the moon and share songs. I will follow my intuition each full moon in what the ceremony will look like, so different elements might be added. During the concerts we create a safe space as a group. There is room to share where you’re at and to exchange experiences, or to remain silent. To sit down in stillness, to lie down, to meditate or to dance, whatever you feel like doing during the ceremony.

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