Flowering Voice

I like to think of people as flowers and I see our voice as an extension of our being, as an expression of our unique ways of blooming. This inspired the creation of the holistic method ‘Flowering Voice’. Through this method I offer different tools to support the process of expression through the voice.

The main pillar of Flowering Voice is to create a connection to your voice on all different aspects of your being: body, mind and soul.

The way I work one-on-one with people is divided in two options:

-Vocal Coaching – in these sessions we focus mainly on singing.

-Coaching – in these sessions we focus mainly on personal growth.

Flowering Voice includes different modalities, of which we choose the ones most suitable for the process of the student. The modalities included are:

Dance & movement, Vocal exercises, Singing repertoire, Yoga Nada, Conversation & Reflection, Touch (reiki & massage), Ritual, Cacao, Meditation, Akashic Records, Card reading.

The method is ever-evolving, as my own process working with this modality changes my perspective and the deepening with my own voice.

Vocal coaching sessions

90 MIN | €75
60 MIN | €42

These are one on one sessions, in which we will explore and deepen the connection to your voice over the course of six weeks.

We focus on the singing voice, unless the participant requests to have the primary focus on the speaking voice.

The emphasis of these sessions is a healthy vocal technique. To develop this, we work with movement, vocal exercises and singing repertoire as our main tools. Depending on the participant other tools can be implemented as well.

Coaching sessions

90 MIN | €75
120 MIN | €85

These are one on one sessions, in which we will explore and deepen the connection to your voice over the course of minimum four sessions. The sessions can be either weekly, or every two weeks.

We focus on all aspects of our voice, our whole being. Which means the main focus for these sessions is personal growth.

We start our first session by connecting to your main intention. Depending on this intention, the emphasis of how we connect to and how we explore your voice will be different. For the process we work with a selection of tools of the Flowering Voice method. 


For a profound experience of connecting to your voice and having lots of fun the one-on-one retreat is there. You can contact me for a customised retreat, in which we discuss your intention, your preference for certain tools of the Flowering Voice method, the location, the amount of days and price.

About my way of working

My curriculums are intuition and experience based. I have a formal background as a music teacher and I incorporate some of the skills and knowledge I’ve learned during that studies. Flowering Voice is a blend of my own studying through different teachers, research, projects, travelling and exploring of different styles of traditional music and holistic modalities and practices. My work with the Akashic Records and connecting to the wisdom and energy of Mary Magdalene has played a main role in it's development. Flowering Voice is an ever-evolving method, changing by my own practice with it that strengthens the connection to my own voice and keeps broadening my perspective on a daily base. 

What does it mean to sing?
Singing can be looked at in a literal sense; singing songs or improvising, but also in a metaphorical sense. For me, singing in both senses is about being able to express oneself, about the connection between body, emotions, heart and voice. Being able to be a channel for stories and for the voices of the elements. In the metaphorical sense you can be a singer without actually singing songs. Learning to sing can also be about the discovering and connecting with our inner voice, which means harmonising with life itself.

Working with your voice and feeling the ease singing can create - and with how much ease you can actually sing - can bring so much joy! I love guiding people in the exploration of their voice, showing new possibilities and ways of experiencing looking at your voice. I believe working with our voice is one of the most healing and empowering practices we can do. 

Gwendolynn has a truly exceptional voice, she sings like an angel and has a range of tones that is very multidimensional. As my teacher I can only recommend her through her incredible precision in guiding you into exploring your vocal range and new avenues to improve yourself. So much loving care and support even after the class. Exceptionally in tune with the holistic approach to singing.  Highly recommended!!!

Xavier Flow

It was incredible how Gwendolynn guided a group of people into learning lyrics in the Romani language, choreographies, body language and into getting the confidence to sing in front of a small public! Her four day singing course I joined were some of the most joyful days I had in a while! I did not think about my worries for a   second. Gwenn is one of the most inspiring and compassionate teachers I have ever met. She would never push people to sing in a specific way, she would just encourage them to find their own voice. I learned that everyones’ voice is always good enough, as long as we just let go of comparisons. Attending this singing course with her was much more than learning how to sing. It was a lesson on how to not postpone things just because I am not able to do them perfectly how I imagine them, and to learn that we all have voices that are beautiful enough to be listen to. Besides that, we created beautiful connections within the group during those days that we allowed ourselves to play and sing, allowing our inner children to have so much fun!
I definitely recommend Gwenn for any singing course you would like to attend. You will never regret to meet this amazing and talented woman.



Anyone who would like to work with their voice! (all ages from 15 onwards are welcome)
Anyone that would like to sing with more ease and body awareness.
Singers that would like to explore different styles of traditional music.
Anyone that is in the process of finding their unique sound and way of delivering a story through songs.

All sessions and classes are both possible online via zoom and in person. For the sessions in person, please contact me for the location.

All classes and sessions can be taught in English or in Dutch.

Get in touch with me trough gwendolynndeboer@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you.

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