Revealing reflections
Of all our eyes, our souls
White silver mirror of the sky

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Song & painting –
co-creation with
Dharani Perera in Ubud, Bali.


This is for all those who are longing to hold and feel those who you love.
Release yourself from the heavy hearts… surrender to the now.
For those we love are always with us reflected in nature… In the Moon. 

Within the project we share our story about being physically apart from our beloved ones, which we had both experienced while traveling. We talked about how in these times so many people experience separation because of isolation.We both talked about our experience connecting to our loved ones through watching the moon. Gwendolynn had been watching the moon a lot lately and felt connected to people through watching the moon. Dharani had been thinking about her family and her friends, all spread throughout the world. And how she had felt comfort when looking at the moon, knowing that they too are looking towards the same moon.

Credits to David for the photo and editing. For his production work visit


“She introduced herself as ‘Dee’, but her actual name is Dharani. I asked her what she would do for ‘Nyepi’, the Balinese silent day. At this day all people in Bali would typically stay at home and have ceremonies, or spent time meditating. Dharani mentioned that she was planning to paint during this day, which she had not been doing for a while. I heard the spark of passion in her voice when she spoke the word ‘painting’ out loud. Back home, I realized that I would really love to do a project together where we would combine her paintings with my music.” – Gwendolynn

The process in progress:


“After the dance we all gathered for dinner. Gwendolynn sang. I was mesmerized by her angelic voice. I was filled with a sense of joy and peace. Tho I realised it’s not just the singing but it was also the connection and the intimacy I felt with her. I found her presence to be filled with peace, openness, authenticity. I was drawn to this energy. When Gwendolynn contacted me a few days later to do a project, my heart was filled with joy and every being of my body said yes without hesitation” – Dharani

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