As a solo artist I perform different traditional songs from around the world. Over the past years I’ve been exploring many musical styles, their stories and their rich musical tradition.
My connection to these different styles is always developing and I feel very happy to be able to share different perspectives from these songs that reflect different ways of living and viewing the world. There is so much wisdom in these songs.
I have a lot of respect to these different musical styles and I know that I will never be able to fully understand or share these perspectives completely, but I know that I am able to deliver my own version of them. I accompany my singing with the Celtic harp or Spanish guitar. During concerts I do some story telling around the songs, sometimes in the form of a myth or a fairy tale, sometimes by sharing about my own traveling experiences.

Next to singing traditional songs, I also perform my own songs, that have a dreamy character and are highly influenced by the different musical styles I’ve been singing over the last years.

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