Puma Talks

The Puma Talks is a series of video interviews in which artists & change-makers share their wisdom, passion, knowledge and inspiration on different subjects.
The Puma as a symbol stands for introspection, courage, strength and this life on earth. The Puma purrrs are the musical extension of this project. Hopefully the songs and music als evoke some purrring within you.

Music for Moria

This is a co-creation with an
organisation called music for Moria. More information will
follow soon.


Song & painting –
co-creation with
Dharani Perera in Ubud, Bali.
We created a video around our story of looking at the moon and being connected to everyone else who is looking. Dharani created beautiful paintings and I composed the song. This is for all those who are longing to hold and feel those who you love!

Songs with Arash Bezadi

Arash and I met in Ubud, Bali. We have a shared passion for music and the story of songs. In the splendid rice-field our inspiration gave new flavours to songs we
already knew.

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