There was a tree I climbed.
The branches held me in their embrace. The soft breeze reminds me of other places, I hear the songs that I am teaching, the stories of travellers. The wind is taking my words and thoughts, carrying the melodies towards the North sea.
The veil between the worlds is thin. I am listening. Reflecting, resting on the branches, thinking about all the Scorpio’s that had their birthdays this week. Nicolas, Shiva, Maxime. Did the wind reach them? Did it reach all the others I was talking to inside myself?
I let go of the guilt I feel towards the ones that I didn’t spend time with physically these days. I trust that they are feeling my love.
I had to remain silent a little bit longer. Tomorrow, my new year starts. And I will start expanding to share what I have been keeping to myself.

Rice field

Slowing down

Water becoming clear
Air becoming light
Signs becoming visible

March 2020

February Snow

A white cloak covers the dirt
Unable to move
Listen… Sea wind

What turbulence is beneath?
Where have you been?

Stillness in motion
Are you movement, imprisoned
Are you free
Of what is yet to come

The winds are blowing
Shouting, do you hear the sea?
Or merely a whisper
That can be shut
By a cold hand

Or are you the mother
Facing the wind
Nourishing the planted seed
With care

A steward of the fire
The candle that lights
The evening
Shadows on your wall
With a closed door

Is your voice quiet?
Who gave you the key?
After locking yourself from the inside out
Who decides if you are free?

February, 2021

I hope the wind reached you before this message, because I have been sharing songs with you. Songs that whisper about listening to your inner voice and truth, about walking on the earth, witnessing natures transformation, feeling the connection to your roots and ancestors.

I wish you receive a kiss from this breeze and that you feel the support of the earth as you walk, warmed by the fire within your heart.

Nov 1st, 2020

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